Leaving Cert English FAQs

How long are the online weekly grinds?

The grinds are 1.5 in duration.

Are the online weekly grinds one-to-one?

No, they are small group grinds. If a student needs extra support, I organise a one-to-one session with them.

Can I choose the classes that I want to attend and only pay for the ones that I attend?

No, students must sign up for the term. Weekly grind classes are not stand-alone classes and knowledge of the material taught in the previous class will be required each week. If a student misses a week, a recording of the grind can be sent to the student.

Can I sample the (online) weekly grind classes before signing up?

Yes you can. It is important that you get an insight into Gillian’s approach before you commit to it.

Is there homework?

Yes, homework is assigned and corrected every week and each student is strongly encouraged to complete assignments. Homework is an extension of the grind and is an important part of the learning process.

How much do the 6th Year online weekly grinds cost?

They cost at €25 per week.

How much do the 5th Year online weekly grinds cost?

They cost €20 per week and the duration is 1 hour.

How long are the online topic sessions?

They are 3.5 hours in duration.

How much do the online topic sessions cost?

They cost €40 per session.

Where do the weekly classroom grinds take place?

At our base, 19 Patrick’s Hill, Cork City.

How much do these face-to-face classes cost?

The cost €35 per week for 6th year students (1.5 hours) and €30 per week for 5th year students.

When and where do the day courses take place?

Throughout the year, intensive one day courses take place in several locations in Munster. Please contact us for specific details.

Why should I choose Gillian Chute?

Gillian’s approach makes the Leaving Cert English syllabus accessible to all students by providing them with a straight-forward method for learning the course material and most important of all, equipping them with a method/formula for writing their answers. Students thrive when they are given a method to apply to exam answers, be that Shakespeare, Poetry or Paper 1 essays. Her students’ results are testament to this successful approach.