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Weekly Grinds Objectives

For over 18 years, Gillian Chute has been trusted by students and their parents to deliver the highest quality, most effective classes in Leaving Cert English.  Gillian’s renowned notes that support the weekly classes are provided for every student. Weekly assignments are given and corrected using state exam marking scheme.

These weekly grinds are available for both 5th & 6th Year

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19 St. Patrick’s Hill, Cork City
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19 St. Patrick’s Hill,

Cork City




Testimonials from Past Students

  • I started grinds with Gillian at the start of 6th year as I was really struggling to improve my grade in English. Even from the first class I had with her I immediately started to see a change in my grades. Her classes really approached English head on, and while they are exam focused, each class was still so interesting and enjoyable. The layout and techniques we learned for answering questions along with her in depth notes was something I found so beneficial, and really helped me feel more capable of tackling the paper. Gillian also corrected any extra questions we wanted to do, which I found, especially coming up to the actual exams, was so helpful to get more feedback. I don't think I could have gotten through the paper so confidently and as well prepared without your help Gillian, I can't thank you enough!

    Leah McPhillips Leaving Certificate 2016 Grade: A2
  • Gillian is an inspirational teacher. Her passion for the English language has nurtured in me an understanding and appreciation of English as a subject. Her notes are comprehensive and the quality of her feedback on assignments is highly beneficial. The encouragement and continuous assurance that I received from Gillian throughout the year undoubtedly helped me to reach my potential and more. As a result of the grinds I attended with Gillian, I received an A1 in my Leaving Cert English which was far beyond my expectations.

    Mary Flemming Leaving Certificate 2015 Grade: A1
  • I attended grinds with Gillian for Leaving Cert higher level English. I, like most, was finding that my grades would never reflect the amount of time that I was putting into a piece of homework. Gillian, however, made everything so clear with regard to the structuring of answers and rewarding of marks. Her notes are second to none, and her anticipation for exam questions is admirable. English was one of my favourite subjects by the end of the year and my best result in the Leaving Cert, all of which I put down to Gillian.

    Eibhlín Lonergan

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