Structure and Contents of Grinds

The structure of grinds follows the contents of both Paper 1 and Paper 2 of the Leaving Certificate exam.

Paper 1 is divided into two sections, comprehension and composition, and students are expected to answer questions while considering both their audience and the intent behind the writing.

Paper 2 is divided into three sections: the single text, the comparative study and poetry.

Students are expected to have a comprehensive understanding of all studied material and to execute such in a clear and precise manner.


QA Comprehension (12.5%)
Functional Writing QB (12.5%)
Section 11 – Essay Writing (25%)


Section I: The Single Text (15%)

  • Othello (2022)
  • Macbeth (2023)

Section II: Comparative Study (17.5%)
Section III: Poetry (17.5%)

  • Unseen Poetry (5%)
  • Poetry Studies (12.5%)

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