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We teach Leaving Certificate English online in a simple and logical manner to those who wish to fulfil their potential in this subject.
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About the Business

As a Leaving Certificate student, I often wondered why we were taught a clear method for doing chemistry experiments or given a set structure for writing WWII history essays. Yet when it came to English, we were consistently left to figure out how to write a coherent Shakespeare or Heaney essay, or worse still, led to believe that we should ‘just know’ how to write one.

When I started teaching higher level Leaving Cert English in 2007 the major problem that students encountered (as I had!) was the planning, structure and writing of their English course material. Without a method, students wrote rambling, largely irrelevant and incoherent answers.

Immediately, I vowed that a central focus of my method would be teaching students ‘how’ to write and not just what to write. Unfortunately, this does not yet seem to be commonplace in the classroom. When taught how to write essays in a logical and focussed manner, it changes how students approach English entirely and results in both their confidence and grade increasing.

In response to the demand for this approach, Gillian Chute Leaving Certificate English was officially established in 2014. Our vision is to simplify English for Leaving Certificate students, to ensure that a student gets the grade that they are capable of attaining and to restore their confidence in the subject.

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